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Special Program for Arts

Special Program in the Arts Envisions An Excellent  Young  Artist With Aesthetic Potential And Renewed Spiritually Committed To The Preservation of Filipino Culture and Heritage.

To Create A Special Program In The Arts Among Students With Potential Talents In Music, Visual Arts, Theater Arts, Music Arts, Dance And Creative Writing To Enable Them To Develop Their Functional Skills As They Cross Over From One Skills To Another For Our Culture.

  1. To discover in the skill in the art.
  2. To utilize students interest in the art.
  3. To explore the students hidden talents and ideas through experience.
  4. To develop deeper understanding on communication and expression.
  5. To teach students to relate and learn on how to preserve our own cultural heritage.
  6. To distinguish and  correlate cultural heritage to the changing world.

  1. To provide students the opportunity to use their talents in demonstrating through interpretative approach.
  2. To develop the student skills, talents and attitudes, not only for their intellectual growth but for their enjoyment as well.
  3. To practice and perform meaningful tasks that reflect life outside the classroom.
  4. To help students utilize their talents and skills in different areas in the arts.
  5. to instill in the minds of  students of our cultural values through arts.