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History of  CBNHS

Calamba Bayside National High School, formerly Lingga Rural High School, was established in 1989 after the traditional commemoration of A DOCE DE PEBRERO—a massacre of more than 500 men during the Japanese Occupation.

Some civic-minded concerned people and barrio officials convened a barrio high school that wpould educate the children of the marginal folks in the barangay, most of whom depends in fishing as means of survival.

Through the persistence of Mr. Basilio Paner, the then barangay captain of Lingga, and through the collaborative efforts of the people, Lingga Rural High School came into existence.

During its first year of operation, education was offered to first year and second year students only.  It was temporarily housed in some of the rooms of Lingga Elementary School where Mr. Pedro Paunlagui was the principal and at the same time, was designated as assistant principal for the rural high school. That was from 1969 to 1972.

In 1972, after Mr. Paunlagui’s term, Mr. Felix Apigo assumed the office as assistant principal with first batch of 27 graduates.  Mr. Apigo served the school until 1974.After his service, Mr. Rodolfo Pisigan took over the position.  Soon after he was promoted to principal II of Calamba Elementary school, he vacated the position which was taken over by Mr. Pedro Alonzo, not as assistant principal but as principal I until 1979.

Due to the increase in the number of population, responsibilities increased as well.  This was the time when Mr. Eulogio T. Tañala Jr. was designated to manage the rural high school.  From then on, under his supervision, the school began its remarkable development, not only in terms of population, but also in academic achievements.

As head teacher (since 1974), he was promoted as principal I in 1983; then in October 1995, as principal II.  Since then, his loyalty, devotion and commitments to the school had been very evident.

Due to the increase in population, the students were transferred from Lingga Elementary School to 6,000 square meters lot located inside Barangay Palingon Elementary School. In 1991, with the efforts of Palingon Barangay Officials and with the help of Hon. Joaquin Chipeco Jr., then congressman of the 2nd district of Laguna, Lingga Rural High School was renamed as CALAMBA BAYSIDE NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL.

At present, the school has already established its name.  It has an average population of 2500 students and 40 competent, effective and efficient teachers.  Some of the faculty members are doctor’s and master’s degree holder.  The rest are still pursuing their graduate studies.

As the population grew, the school facilities were developed as well.  So far, it has 27 classrooms, one laboratory each for Science, Math, English, Computer and Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE).  It also has one big library and a guidance office.

Along with the development in facilities, a change in the curriculum was made to upgrade the students’ learning competencies.  These are SEC or Secondary Education Curriculum which emphasizes the R’s (Reading, Writing and Arithmetic-Mathematics), APEX or Applied Academics for Excellence which speaks for its name and a five-year program, soon to end in 2007, and SPA or Special Program in the arts which aims to cultivate the talents of the students in different areas of humanities such as the visual arts, drama, Music, Dance and Literature. 

The school continues its aim of developing the students’ total well being and giving quality and relevant education to all.